To get out of the problem and into the real of your most positive possibilities, focus not on fixing what’s wrong but on using the elements of the problem to create something new and valuable. – Jane P. Lawson

About Jane

Jane is a leadership coach and strategic advisor to business leaders and their teams who are committed to breakthrough results in performance and profits.

With a strong corporate and business background, Jane and her colleagues specialize in providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring for senior executives and business owners who are committed to achieving excellence and balance in their life and business.

Jane’s career as a business and leadership development coach is a natural evolution of 25 years’ experience in sales, operations, marketing and management. As CEO and owner of a $5 million corporate travel management company for more than 14 of those years, she is intimately experienced in the multitude of challenges in the lives of people in leadership positions. During this time, her accomplishments included negotiating and implementing buy-outs/mergers of several smaller agencies for a 35 percent increase in profits; developing two international wholesale operations for specialty markets; being founder and first president of Houston Executive Women In Travel; and was acknowledged in the top ten list of travel agencies for three years by the Houston Business Journal.

Hire Jane

Speaker Executive Coach Strategic Advisory

Jane and her colleagues consult with and speak to organizations, executives and businesses, which seek to:

  • transform the culture of their organizations for higher efficiencies of performance and profit.
  • develop their high potentials in key leadership competencies such as building a shared vision, engaging teams to take responsibility for the success of the whole while focusing on valuable bottom line results.
  • be successful by being clear about their values, purpose and goals and unleashing the energies of their people.
  • place a strong emphasis on individual and collective learning and innovation.
I believe we all have the seed of leadership in our soul, it is up to each of us to feed and water that seed in order to be the leaders of our own lives, to learn the skills and talents required to direct and re-direct our own course in life. – Jane P. Lawson


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